One of the greatest rappers of all-time if not the greatest. Raided has released over 20 albums from prison. He's been in jail since 1992 for gang-related homicide, but he maintains innocent. His 1992 album "Psycho Active" which is widely regarded as the album that brought horrorcore and dark rap onto the scene was used as 'proof' that he committed the murder.

X-Raided still records albums to this day and is set to be released from prison in May of 2016.
"Muthafuckas never loved me so I'mma EARN your hatred. I've been in Hell join the militia and BURN wit Raided. Locked in a cell til the day the ashes fill the earth. Final words before the last gasp 'I will return'" -X-Raided
by CounterTerrorism February 01, 2015
The act of being able to see the size of a man's penis when looking at his x-ray.
Hey, this guy has had his pants x-raided, have you seen the size of his winky?
by pinky dinky doo February 13, 2009
Perhaps the most controversial rapper of our time. He is notorious for the 1991 murder of Patricia Harris, a grandmother. X-Raided received a 31 years to life sentence for this, and the following year his debut album "Psycho Active" was released while he was incarcerated, a landmark in the gangsta rap genre. Paralleled by none, his lyrical content often deals with murder, rape, and an embrace of psychotic criminal activity.
X-Raided's B*tch Killa: It's halloween and I got a treat, I'm dressed like a devil and I'm handin out human meat. And every hoe that rings my bell, I'll drag em in the house and take em on a trip through hell.
by Tristan420 September 06, 2007
X-Raided is one of the hardest musicians ever. He raps like a maniac and doesn't care what he says on record. His lyrics are insane and anyone who can ever rap like him again should be congratulated. Not to mention his brother...Brotha Lynch Hung who obviously got his inspiration from his gangsta brother X-Raided.
"X-Raided from Prison"
Their aint no motha fucka in the whole wide world with a bullet proof forehead.
by staright locsta from WV March 03, 2006
Notorious gangsta rapper X-Raided was born Anarae Jones in Waco, TX, and raised primarily in Sacramento, CA. Shortly after releasing his 1992 debut LP Psycho Active, he was convicted on murder charges -- in fact, the album's violent lyrics were even cited as evidence at the trial. While languishing in prison, X-Raided managed to record another album entirely over the telephone, a painstaking process eventually yielding 1995's Xorcist. Unforgiven followed four years later and Initiation was issued in early 2001.

-Jason Ankeny (
"Im that gangsta you answer to
when i say bitch jump then thats what you do
im a fast talkin' convict blowin' ya' mind
im workin' macaframalama even if im in the slamma'"
by C-Locc July 06, 2005