A boy that has not hit adulthood Especially an adolescent boy
The young man is lost
by 459395 April 11, 2022
The last conversation or Encounter with the person didn't go too well ; you came off as inexperienced or naive to the person that's revering to you as young man... Its low key disrespectful without disrespecting the person..
"WHATS UP YOUNG MAN" did you figure out how to put a Crease your in your 501 Levis
by September 23, 2020
Complete opposite of Big Man, young man thinks he’s the g.o.a.t. But in reality he can’t do simple tasks like driving a nail. Young men will try to assert dominance by mocking other people for no reason. When facing big man (psychologically and physically), young man stands no chance. The best way to bum young men is by saying
“Wait till I call Big Man”.
Person : oi! young man stop fucking with my youngsters or I will call Big Man Mandi
by Skrrt man January 22, 2020

A sexual move in which a male participant ejaculates into a tissue. This is followed with said male screaming the lyrics of the popular song "Y.M.C.A", balling up the tissue with ejaculate in it and throwing the balled happy-goo tissue at his sexual partners face. It is very important that the tissue hits the participants face as they exclaim "Young Man"
Rebecca: Hey Cassidy, you seem in a good mood.
Cassidy: Michael Young Manned me last night! It was wonderful!
Rebecca: Lucky! Dylan never Young Mans me!
by Mrs. Bueno March 20, 2019